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Killer Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Sometimes, it’s not about getting rid of stuff. It’s about making space.

Think about much space your bed takes up in your bedroom. What if there were drawers underneath your bed that spanned the entire length of it? Think of all the stuff you could fit in there.

Or consider the blank wall that a few of your things are leaning against. What if it was a floor-to-ceiling bookcase or shelving unit? You could give so many more of your items a home.

In the quest for maximizing space (and therefore efficiency), we’ve put together a monstrosity of a list of storage solutions that will at least give you two actionable things to make your space work for you.

A lot of these ideas bleed over, as well.
Just because there’s a shelving idea in the bedroom doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work in the living room as well!

Please note that a lot of these solutions are not the cheapest. They will require some investment.

However, you’re investing not only in space to store things, but in the long-term value of your home.

If you can make these happen, I highly suggest it!

Bedroom Storage Solutions

The bedroom.

We spend a lot of time here sleeping, getting ready for our day, or relaxing.

It’s so important to make the most of this space and to maximize the space available so we can keep our rooms feeling clean and fresh all the time.

Under The Bed

Under Bed Storage Solutions

If you don’t have a raised bed, you should get one.

Not only does it keep you away from the bugs, but it also provides a massive storage space that would otherwise not exist.

You can purchase rolling plastic containers to easily store things in and put under the bed.

This is perfect for seasonal storage. Vacuum seal your winter clothes and place them under the bed for summer to free up space in your closet. Then vice versa in the winter!

Really Under the Bed

Pop-up bed with storage underneath.

Sometimes plastic tubs just don’t cut it.

In those situations, a solution like this takes the cake.

Just know that the metal spring instead of a more standard box-spring won’t be as comfortable.

Headboard Storage

Headboard Storage


While some of us prefer a more decorative headboard, those of us who don’t care as much can opt for some storage!

Be sure to not store electronics here though. You want your bed to be a no-electronics zone.

Maybe just a phone charger.

Wardrobe Wall Divider


Wardrobe Wall Divider

Perhaps your solution won’t be as sleek-looking as the picture, but filling what would typically be an empty wall with some storage is always a win.

Especially if that storage is right next to your bathroom and can double as a closet!

Overhead Storage

Storage around the top of the ceiling.

If you have low ceilings, this may not be the best option for you, but particularly in the bedroom, there’s lots of vertical space that doesn’t get used.

Framing a Window Wall

Shelving around the outside of a window.

For walls where there’s not a lot else going on, framing it out with some storage can be a great solution.

In this particular example, you even get a little reading nook!

Framing a Bed Wall

Framing storage around a wall where a bed is.

This storage solution is perfect for that bump-out wall that seems awkward to have much else in.

It’s cozy, looks like a great place to curl up with a book, and has a TON of storage space.

Storage Headboard

A headboard that doubles as a storage.

The challenge of storage is that a lot of times, it seems intrusive on the room itself.

A shelf isn’t that helpful when it shows off how much junk there is.

In this case, using furniture that’s already in the room to provide storage can be a great way to give lots of room to store things without making the room feel cluttered.


Kitchen Storage Solutions

The kitchen is almost always a mess.

There are simply too many things to store in too little space, so there are always a few cupboards that are stressful to even open.

These simple tricks and tips will give you the tools you need to reclaim your kitchen. Even if it’s just organizing one shelf, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment every time you open the door.

CD Rack Storage

CD Rack Storage

Can you think of lots of little things that all need to be stored, preferably upright?


  • Tupperware lids
  • Pot/pan lids
  • Dishes
  • Pans
  • Cutting boards

A CD rack will easily let you store these things in their own slot and help you reclaim that disastrous tupperware cabinet.

Dinner Plate Cradles

Dinner Plate Cradles

Giving yourself more horizontal space in vertical cabinets is always a good thing.

A few of these cradles can make a world of difference for your dishes.

Vertical Bakeware Storage

Vertical Bakeware Storage

If the CD rack isn’t big enough for your bakeware (pots and pans), get a more specific solution.

I honestly believe everyone can use one (or three) of these.

Corner Cabinet Storage

Kitchen corner cabinet storage alternative

If you’re like me, you’ve only seen kitchens with a lazy susan or some other equally awful contraption in these corner storage spaces.

However, since you have the entire corner to work with, that means LOTS more space than a typical drawer.

Using something like this still looks great, but gives you more space that’s easily accessible.

Overhead Drying Rack

Simple drying rack to go over the sink.

This drying rack combines form with function.

Dishes still get dry, are out of your way, and free up that precious counter space for more important things.

Like cutting veggies.

Hanging Things

Kitchen storage hanging items

Most kitchens don’t have a ton of empty wall space.

Most of it is covered with cabinets.

But when you do have wall space, hanging items on it makes them accessible and frees up storage space in other areas.

Pull Out Cabinets

Pull out cabinets

While these style cabinets aren’t the best for pots and pans, they can be great for a pantry alternative.

Living Room Storage Solutions

Unfortunately, the living room can be the place that accrues most of our junk.

When people come over, a lot of this junk migrates to other rooms or closets, but the mess starts here.

By having solid storage solutions in place (as well as some organizational habits!) we can keep that mess from being pushed to other rooms.

Hanging Shelves

No-show shelves that jut right out of the wall.

Functional and stylish.

Plus lots of great space to put things.

The secret with these is to not have too many on a wall, or it can start to look cluttered.

Turn a Wall Into a Shelf

Filling a wall with shelf space.

Tons of space and it looks great!

While this isn’t always practical, in certain layouts this can be the best option for certain walls.

Full-Blown Entertainment Center

Full entertainment center with shelves on both sides.

If you don’t currently have a solution like this, it should be on your list of priorities!

Having a space like this in your home gives lots of space to store things and can be very visually appealing as well.

Maximizing Staircases

Storage in or by the staircase

The staircase in any home can often be a waste of space.

Occasionally there will be a sort of closet underneath the staircase that has a bit of space, but it’s often not easily accessible.

Utilize storage like this for the staircase or, better yet, build those shelves set into the wall to make even more space.

Storage Behind Couch

Storage shelf behind couch

Couches are a great storage location.

Even if your couch is located up against a wall, pull it out a bit and put a thin table there to put books or other things on.

Not only is it a lot of extra storage space, but it adds dimension to the room.