Simplify Your Email Inbox

Simplify Your Email InboxWe spend a substantial amount of time in our email inboxes. For most of us, it’s our primary communication medium for work.

Yet, for the vast majority of us, our inboxes are a complete mess. There are dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of unread emails and they keep stacking up day after day.

The purpose of this course is to give you simple, actionable steps to take that will get your inbox decluttered and organized. We will move you from a catastrophe to an efficient method that you can sort through existing emails and emails that come through your inbox.

When this happens, your days will feel significantly less stressful and more productive. Even if we only spend a small portion of our time each day in our inbox, every time we look at the cluttered mess, it causes us unnecessary stress and worry.

With this course, you’ll be able to move from that level of stress and anxiety to a feeling of confidence. You know exactly what’s in your inbox, and you decide what’s worth your time and attention and what isn’t.

We’ll put you back in control of your workflow and give you the tools to keep emails moving out of your inbox to keep it clean and orderly.

Stop letting your inbox control you.
Control your inbox.

What You Get:

  • Action items to help you prevent new clutter.
  • Systems anyone can implement to maintain a clean inbox.
  • New habits to maintain that will keep you productive.
  • Bite-sized tips and methods that will move you to action.
  • No fluff! You get actionable items. Nothing else.