Pull out cabinets

Killer Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Sometimes, it’s not about getting rid of stuff. It’s about making space.

Think about much space your bed takes up in your bedroom. What if there were drawers underneath your bed that spanned the entire length of it? Think of all the stuff you could fit in there.

Or consider the blank wall that a few of your things are leaning against. What if it was a floor-to-ceiling bookcase or shelving unit? You could give so many more of your items a home.


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Organize Notes Like a Pro

The Best Ways to Organize Notes

Taking notes is one of the key ways we remember information.

The human brain can only hold so much information at once, and writing that information down allows us to carry more with us without having to keep it all in our grey matter.

However, although plenty of people take notes, most people don’t have a method for organizing those notes.

They’ll fill up notebooks, or jot down things on pieces of paper, and those notebooks and papers end up disappearing, or worse, in a huge mess on the kitchen counter.

When we get our notes organized, we not only remember more information, but we feel less anxious about taking notes in the first place.

Better organization > More information remembered > More successful life (more…)

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Straightforward steps to outlining and working toward a goal.

How to Achieve Goals Like a Boss

personal training attendance over a week
Courtesy of www.ptdirect.com/

This is a picture of gym attendance by day of the week.

People love fresh starts.

People want to create change in their lives. They want to set and achieve goals. They want to accomplish things.

This feeling is the strongest at a ‘fresh start’. New Years Day people create resolutions for the year. At the beginning of the month, subscriptions to gyms go up. And at the beginning of each week, more people want to attend the gym.

People want a difference in their lives, and this fresh start gives them the illusion that things will somehow be different.

But, looking at the chart, this isn’t true. People start going at the beginning of the week, but they fall off over the week, to the point that almost 25% of the people are still going at the end of the week who started at the beginning.

So how can we achieve goals? We want to make a difference in our lives, but there’s something missing. An element that’s preventing us from making that leap.

No longer. Let’s make a difference. (more…)

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Creating Organizing Goals

Creating Organizing Goals That Can Be Achieved

It can be easy to say “I want to get organized!”

You’ll read some blog posts, browse Pinterest to get ‘motivation’ and maybe you’ll even start putting a couple things in place.

But you’ll get overwhelmed quickly, and take a break.

“I’ve done enough today” you’ll think, “I got some inspiration and I know how to begin! I’ll begin tomorrow.”

But you never start.

No more excuses! Today is the day you can get started. (more…)

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100 Decluttering Tips You Can Apply in 5 Minutes

100 Decluttering Tips You Can Apply in 5 Minutes

Starting to declutter can be the hardest part.

It gets easy to be overwhelmed by the size of the project, not know where to start, and make excuses.

These easy decluttering tips can be applied in 5 minutes or less. You no longer have any excuses.

If you’re having trouble finding something to get started, pick a number from 1 to 100. Then go to that tip and do it.

Seriously, just do it. (more…)

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